Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Individual Blog #5

Recession Affecting Online Social Networking

I would not have guessed that the recently downed market would have such a major impact on online social networks like MySpace and Facebook. I know that these websites make their money off of the advertisements that are run on these sites, but I guess that is the trend for just about any industry. Businesses are advertising less to conserve money, which I have to say is not a smart move. You have to spend money to make money.

If a potential consumer doesn't know that your product or service exists how the hell are they going to know to buy what you have? Online advertising especially is valuable. The younger generation feeds off of the Internet and social networking sites. And typically, the cost to run ads online is significantly less than any other medium so only a few people clicking through to your site and buying your product will have a quick return on investment. Not only is it quick to turn your spent money into a profit it is also highly targeted so that you get your message to a very precise audience with less chance of reaching too broad of an audience.

This is exactly why I am so surprised to see that MySpace's advertising income has dropped 22.5% in 2008 and Facebook's 20.8%. These companies are expecting an increase in 2009, but I personally think that the companies that were not running ads should have focused more on creating effective ads not running fewer ads. Just my thoughts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Individual Blog #4

Heartless Humor from Pepsi

I know that the younger generation isn't the easiest to reach these days. Sometimes you have to shock their imagination into paying attention. But Pepsi may have gone too far with their new Pepsi Max campaign. The big idea was to make the fact that Pepsi Max has only one calorie blatantly obvious to viewers of the ad, but to show a cartoon calorie committing acts of suicide, come on, that's just in bad taste. It isn't hard to understand that "one is the loneliest number" but during the midst of another depression with the market down as it is and being the holiday season, the suicide rates increase in America. Did they forget about doing their homework on these things? I seriously doubt it.

Bad publicity is still publicity, but I don't think Pepsi is in need of its name being heard. The artwork is well done and arresting, but there are better ways of depicting a low calorie soda. Take a look at their ad below, because I guarantee you won't be seeing it in any publications for much longer.

Pepsi Suicide

Friday, November 28, 2008

Individual Blog #3

After perusing through, I came across an article about At&t's new strategy for reaching the younger generation online. Their basic premise for this is to create YouTube videos that they are hoping will skyrocket into success as a viral video. To accomplish that feat they have hired two of the top women bloggers of the Internet, Justine Ezarik and Karen Nguyen, to showcase their newest and latest phones. Needless to say I must not be their target audience because I have no clue who these women are.

The videos place these women into a random area in the U.S. where the two have to rely on the At&t phones that they are given to get them through assigned tasks. I personally think these videos are a lame attempt at keeping the attention of young viewers with a reality TV show theme that are already plaguing our society. At the bottom of the article I read a comment by John Kantor that brings up a great point, "No one watches Justine to hear what she says." Most viewers watch her because she is attractive, why should people care about what she has to say about the phones? My final thought on this idea is, At&t, you need to pull out of this advertising ploy immediately! It is going to flop.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Individual Blog #2

One of my favorite commercials that I have seen lately is part of the "inappropriate/appropriate" San Jose Sharks television commercial campaign. The particular video that I liked the most was the portrayal of an "inappropriate" Sharks fan on a first date. Not only does it make me laugh just about every time, it also speaks directly to me as a fan of the Sharks and a guy who is always making sure not to do anything inappropriate on a first date. The beauty of this ad is that it narrows down its audience to Sharks fans but does not put a restriction on age or gender. Viewers young and old, male and female get a chuckle when they see it. If you are not a Sharks fan it most likely does not make much sense to you and is not aimed at you. Take a look and see if you're part of the target audience.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Individual Blog #1

On election day, one of the most important dates to occur in my lifetime and I missed it. Instead of celebrating with my country I was celebrating with my fellow hockey fans at the San Jose Sharks Arena. It is hard for me to pass up on a game, however, I was expecting there to be some coverage as to what was going on in the elections. Perhaps a quick blurb about how the race is going, but they did not mention it once. I found out that my president won from a few friends text messaging me on my phone. Needless to say, I was very happy that night. If I were at home, I would have been glued to CNN because, in my opinion, they give the greatest, unbiased reporting of all the news stations. I know that is where I will be watching during Obama's re-election four years from now.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Copy Edit The World

The green-sheet for my Jour 135 class has the mistake of adding a coma after March. When a month and year are used as a date there does not need to be a coma between the two.

In my green-sheet for Music 120, the word jazz does not need to be capitalized. In fact, later in the same syllabus it has jazz written lowercase.

A direct mail advertisement I recently received has the word "repipe" multiple times and in very bold writing. The problem with this is the fact that "repipe" is not a word. What they should have wrote is "re-pipe."

Another direct mail piece I have is for Honda. In the copy write for the ad, there are unnecessary capitalization. You can see in this picture, the words "Advertised Price" do not need to be capitalized.

Word of the Week #8

Ryan Kunis
M/W 12:00pm
Word #7

Word: Foray

San Jose Mercury News article
Title: Sarah Palin wonders: Why can't she impersonate Tina Fey on '30 Rock'?
by Julie Bosman, New York Times

"The McCain campaign tightly limits Palin's availability to her traveling press corps, bu during the rare foray to the back of her campaign plane in the last several weeks, she has told reporters that she "would love to" make a guest appearance on "SNL.""

Definition: (Noun)
1. a quick raid, usually for the purpose of taking plunder. Vikings made a foray on the port.
2. a quick, sudden attack: The defenders made a foray outside the walls.
3. an initial venture: a successful foray into politics.

(verb - used without object)
4. to make a raid; pillage; maraud.
5. to invade or make one's way, as for profit or adventure: foreign industries foraying into U.S. markets.

(verb- used with object)
6. to ravage in search of plunder; pillage.

The final goal was made in overtime when the San Jose Sharks offense executed a flawless foray on the Philadelphia Flyers' defense.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mystery Character

With her librarian style brown hair and thin-framed glasses, she is often referred to as a MILF. Her fair skin and amazingly white-toothed smile give her an untypically cute appearance for a person in her position. She is always dressed conservatively and professionally, as she should. She may not be the smartest woman or the most experienced, but she has come a long way. Many people are dumbfounded over the statements that she makes and often times those statements are heavily criticized by the entire country. She is also known for her somewhat outlandish thinking toward the use of firearms and knowledge of prehistoric dates. She is accustom to cold weather and a big fan of hockey because of it. In fact, she has even dropped the puck for a season opener for the NHL. There are so many qualities to this woman that make her a great person, but there are even more qualities that scare the entire United States of America.

Word of the Week #7

Ryan Kunis
M/W 12:00pm
Word #7


Word: Incondite

Article - Australia burns ... while the bureaucrats bumble
By Tom Robinson

"Tom, this is another incondite article dealing with fire management."

Definition: (Adjective)
1. Ill-constructed; unpolished: incondite prose.
2. Crude; rough; unmannerly.

All I kept thinking about was the incondite bridge finally collapsing when it was my turn to cross.

Word of the Week #6

Ryan Kunis
M/W 12:00pm
Word #6

Word: Arduous

Article - Restoring water supply 'arduous task'
by Guan Xiaofeng (China Daily)

"Authorities are facing an arduous task to restore water supplies to areas hit by last Monday's earthquake, an official has said."

Definition: (Adjective)
1. Requiring great exertion; laborious; difficult; an arduous undertaking.
2. Requiring or using much energy and vigor; strenuous: making an arduous effort.
3. Hard to climb; an arduous path up the hill.
4. Hard to endure; full of hardships; severe: an arduous winter.

Ryan knew what he was getting into when he signed up for too many classes, but he never realized just how arduous the semester would be.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Word of the Week #5

Ryan Kunis
M/W 12:00pm
Word #4
Word: Altruism

Hazards, Risks of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
By Abbott

"One effect is an increase in suicides, but another is an increase in altruism."

Definition: (Noun)
1. The principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others.
2. Animal Behavior. Behavior by an animal that may be to its disadvantage but that benefits others of its kind, as a warning cry that reveals the location of the caller to a predator.
3. Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.
4.Zoology Instinctive behavior that is detrimental to the individual but favors the survival or spread of that individual's genes, as by benefiting its relatives.

In honor and memory of Sam, a ceremony was held to recognize the altruism that he showed while saving several children from a burning bus.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Journal Writing #2 - Media Audiences

Bailout Bill In The Media

A major topic in the news these days has circled around the $700 billion financial bailout bill that has many Americans nervously skeptical about. With the potential of a staggering economical impact on our country, this issue has been raised over and over again in all forms of the media. To make sure that the proper information is passed to the American readers or viewers it is valuable to compare the different medium platforms.

The San Jose Mercury News ran an article September 27, 2008, titled “Congress Pushes Closer to Bailout,” which covers the story from both a Republican and Democratic unbiased perspective. The article is 21 paragraphs long, equivalent to about a quarter of a page newspaper size, and includes nine sources that consist of representatives of both parties, quotes from the presidential candidates, McCain and Obama, as well as President Bush. Surprisingly, an article with a complex concern of financial numbers does not include any graphs or charts that might be beneficial to readers who could view comparisons of banking statistics.

During the early afternoon of September 27th, CNN aired a brief look at the same topic of the bailout bill. A mere one minute and thirty-nine second news report discussed the issue with a strong angle through the presidential debate that took place the day before. The report included two sources, video clips of the debate with Obama and McCain’s view on the subject and then a response from American citizens on the subject. The difference between the two mediums was very distinct. The newspaper was very informative of the facts and what the discussion in general is. The televised news report gave a specific angle of the topic through the debate and the viewer’s response.

An online coverage of the bailout bill from the New York Times gave a 13-paragraph discussion similar to that of the newspaper. A significant difference between the two medias is the more recent information of the online article that gives a few newer updates on the planning of the bailout bill and a much lower supply of sources, which were only four sources. The sources consisted of Republican and Democratic representatives and the President of the United States. Compared to the televised report, the online coverage was unbiased and fact driven mirroring the style of the newspaper report and did not take a narrower angle of the subject, like it did on CNN.

The difference between the media platforms is very beneficial from my perspective. They all cover important information that all Americans should know about, but can still give an array of views and angles of how the issue affects our country.

(word count: 447)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Word of the Week #4

Ryan Kunis
M/W 12:00pm
Word #4
Word: Zealous

Blues People
By: LeRoi Jones

"...a gentleman officiates it (of course, white) who, I understand, is very zealous in the cause of the spiritual well-being."

Definition: (Adjective)
1. Full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.

2. Filled with or motivated by zeal; fervent.
3. Marked by active interest and enthusiasm.

Enthusiastic, eager, fervid, fervent, intense, passionate, warm.

The zealous boy waited in line impateintly for his turn to tell Santa how good he had been this year.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Word of the Week #3

Ryan Kunis
M/W 12:00pm
Word #3
Word: Ubiquitous

Hazards, Risks of Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
Geology textbook by: Abbott

"...the ubiquitous lava flows engulf and incinerate buildings, bury highways, cause drops in property value of homes near the latest flow..."

Definition: (Adjective)
1. Existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time; omnipresent.
2. Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time.
3. Being present everywhere at once.

The criminal realized he had to surrender when the ubiquitous police surrounded him after his short lived bank robbery.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Telling Details

Riding the Rails

A herd of backpack wearers slowly pile into the gapping light-rail doors. With only a quick glance across the sea of faces a common expression is easily seen. Exhausted eyes and emotionless mouths stand all around you waiting uncomfortably for a place to sit. Three short tones beep over the stirring sound of bodies; a thud of metal on rubber closes the doors with little concern for those between them.

Those left seat-less grasp frantically for the nearest silver pole when the train jerks forward hurling them embarrassingly backward. The droning sound of stale air recycled through the cars creates more ambient noise than cooling space. Red dots scroll overhead reading what will be the next stop, but you show no interest knowing that you will be there for at least ten more.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Word of the Week #2

Ryan Kunis
MCOM 100W M/W 12:00pm
Word #2
Word: Esoteric

Source: US Intelligence Community
Strategic Human Capital Plan
By: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence

"We find ourselves in a war for talent, often for the most arcane and esoteric of skills, sometimes between ourselves and/or with our own contractors."

Definition: (adjective)
1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite: poetry full of esoteric allusions.
2. belonging to the select few.
3. private; secret; confidential.
4. (of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group: the esoteric doctrines of Pythagoras.

During the meeting, some of the information about the new project was esoteric data to only a few of the members that attended.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Journal Writing #1 - My Favorite Writing

I am a big admirer of music and the expressive lyrical content that many bands produce. It sends shivers down my spine when a song can show me my own life from such a different perspective, while at the same time be created from someone I have never met. The first two phrases in the song "Snuff" by the heavy metal band Slipknot does exactly that.

Words like "The air around me still feels like a cage. And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage," give me a feeling that is all too familiar. The same feeling that claws at me every time a relationship goes sour.

These lyrics are an example of good writing because their words have meaning through imagery. They will never tell you directly what they are saying. It is always open to interpretation, but will always have a deep meaning for themselves.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Word of the Week #1

Ryan Kunis
MCOM 100W M/W 12:00pm
Word #1
Word: Angst

Source: AdWeek Magazine

"I am always in angst about what campaign we can do to blow people away."

Definition: (Noun, Plural) A feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish.

Matt stood in front of the class in angst as the time for his speech drew closer.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All About Me

I suppose if you are actually viewing my blog that you might have somewhat of an interest about who I am or what I have to say, so I will start by telling you a small portion of who I am.

My name is Ryan Kunis, a senior Advertising student here at San Jose State University. I landed into this major randomly while transferring from West Valley College, where I had planned on being a web designer. Far from what I started out doing, I know, but I fell in love with the major and the professors that taught it.

But you are not interested in those parts of my life I am sure, so I will skip over to the aspects of my life that most of you probably do not know about me. I am a 25 year old, bass guitar playing, beer drinking, friend to all those who get to know me. I am a care-giver, essentially a nurse, for my older brother, who has been struggling with brain damage for over four years now all thanks to Kaiser hospital's inability to function as a useful medical facility. I am beyond bitter about that if you couldn't tell! I'm all about being the hopeless romantic who always comes in last because as we all know "nice guys finish last." I don't let that get me down though because I have great friends and an amazing family, so I can't be too distraught over it with so many significant people surrounding me.

Like I said at the beginning of this blog, this is only a small portion of who I am, so you will have to ask me in person if you want more.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm all signed up for blogging

I just wanted to post my first blog to see how everything is looking on here. I am currently watching the Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers battling it out during a non-interesting pre-season game (in my opinion at least). The score is 7-7 if you are interested.

Well, I do not have much to say other than ROCK AND ROLL!!!