Friday, November 28, 2008

Individual Blog #3

After perusing through, I came across an article about At&t's new strategy for reaching the younger generation online. Their basic premise for this is to create YouTube videos that they are hoping will skyrocket into success as a viral video. To accomplish that feat they have hired two of the top women bloggers of the Internet, Justine Ezarik and Karen Nguyen, to showcase their newest and latest phones. Needless to say I must not be their target audience because I have no clue who these women are.

The videos place these women into a random area in the U.S. where the two have to rely on the At&t phones that they are given to get them through assigned tasks. I personally think these videos are a lame attempt at keeping the attention of young viewers with a reality TV show theme that are already plaguing our society. At the bottom of the article I read a comment by John Kantor that brings up a great point, "No one watches Justine to hear what she says." Most viewers watch her because she is attractive, why should people care about what she has to say about the phones? My final thought on this idea is, At&t, you need to pull out of this advertising ploy immediately! It is going to flop.