Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Individual Blog #4

Heartless Humor from Pepsi

I know that the younger generation isn't the easiest to reach these days. Sometimes you have to shock their imagination into paying attention. But Pepsi may have gone too far with their new Pepsi Max campaign. The big idea was to make the fact that Pepsi Max has only one calorie blatantly obvious to viewers of the ad, but to show a cartoon calorie committing acts of suicide, come on, that's just in bad taste. It isn't hard to understand that "one is the loneliest number" but during the midst of another depression with the market down as it is and being the holiday season, the suicide rates increase in America. Did they forget about doing their homework on these things? I seriously doubt it.

Bad publicity is still publicity, but I don't think Pepsi is in need of its name being heard. The artwork is well done and arresting, but there are better ways of depicting a low calorie soda. Take a look at their ad below, because I guarantee you won't be seeing it in any publications for much longer.

Pepsi Suicide