Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Easily Distracted

I always manage to find a way to procrastinate. Right now for example, I am supposed to be working on projects to submit for Miami Ad School to apply for schooling there. Instead, I'm facebooking, writing in a blog that I haven't touched in I don't know how long and chatting on Gmail's IM with Courtney.

I'm not going to say I have ADD, but I find some sort of joy in starting something, leaving it for a half hour, coming back to do a little more work, then gone again for another half hour. Essh... I need to learn to focus a little more. Have I always been this scatter-brained? I want to say no, but I think it might be true.

I admire those kids in school who pick up the text book and read all of the assigned pages in one sitting. I can't sit still long enough or stay awake long enough for that. I guess it's just the way I was designed. Oh well, rant ending... I don't know what to say or why I even wrote this. I guess to get back on the blogging horse. Alright, I'm off. Later.