Monday, October 13, 2008

Mystery Character

With her librarian style brown hair and thin-framed glasses, she is often referred to as a MILF. Her fair skin and amazingly white-toothed smile give her an untypically cute appearance for a person in her position. She is always dressed conservatively and professionally, as she should. She may not be the smartest woman or the most experienced, but she has come a long way. Many people are dumbfounded over the statements that she makes and often times those statements are heavily criticized by the entire country. She is also known for her somewhat outlandish thinking toward the use of firearms and knowledge of prehistoric dates. She is accustom to cold weather and a big fan of hockey because of it. In fact, she has even dropped the puck for a season opener for the NHL. There are so many qualities to this woman that make her a great person, but there are even more qualities that scare the entire United States of America.

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