Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Porker Influenza

So I don't know if anyone else feels the same as me, but it seems like it has only been a week since I first heard about this "swine" flu that is plaguing our world and I can't stand how stupid people are being about it. It's just a flu with another name... what the hell is wrong with you people!! That's right, I called you "you people!" I oughta punch you in the mouth and force you to each some bacon!!!

The media is constantly shoving some BS down our throats about "SARS" this and "Bird flu" that. What happened to those? I never once met anyone that has had either disease or even knows someone that has had them. But all of the sudden they're here and the next minute they're gone. That's exactly what this "swine" flu crap is... just another scare to most likely cover up something bigger. Something that could change the world FOREVER!!!!

....I'm talking of course about the release of the new Muppet Film

"The Miss Piggy Flu --
Don't Mess With The Pig!"

I know you are all stunned by the revealing of this treacherous truth, but that is exactly what it is... THE TRUTH! When will America learn, no one likes Miss Piggy. We want the "Kermit Flu" or the "Animal Flu"... not some fat, bitchy, pink tramp complaining all of the time!

Open your eyes America, say no to the PIG FLU!!!! and yes to the FROG or RANDOM CHARACTER OTHER THAN MISS PIGGY FLU!!!!!

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