Sunday, October 19, 2008

Copy Edit The World

The green-sheet for my Jour 135 class has the mistake of adding a coma after March. When a month and year are used as a date there does not need to be a coma between the two.

In my green-sheet for Music 120, the word jazz does not need to be capitalized. In fact, later in the same syllabus it has jazz written lowercase.

A direct mail advertisement I recently received has the word "repipe" multiple times and in very bold writing. The problem with this is the fact that "repipe" is not a word. What they should have wrote is "re-pipe."

Another direct mail piece I have is for Honda. In the copy write for the ad, there are unnecessary capitalization. You can see in this picture, the words "Advertised Price" do not need to be capitalized.

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